A Lesson in Pricing

So much is happening in this image:

Here’s a breakdown:

  • The image is a cropped screenshot of a maker’s inbox after they released a digital product
  • Every “Payment of $69.99 from” entry is a sales confirmation sent to the maker every time someone bought their product (Yay!)
  • The redacted part is for privacy—to occlude the purchasers’ email addresses
  • The entry circled in green is the focal point: someone is complaining about price…surrounded by other emails of people who purchased.

There’s a lot going on here but my favorite takeaway is that the email of someone complaining about the price being too high IS A GOOD THING.

If no one complains about your pricing, you’ve priced yourself too low.

Bonus: The grammar/spelling error (“Nobodies”). As a grammar snob, this is the icing on the cake for me!

Image source: this tweet