Minimum Viable Video

Minimum Viable Video is a 6-week, online, cohort-based course that teaches knowledge workers how to use video to accelerate their careers.

Corporate Learning and Development

Hands-on, intense, and impactful.

My manager is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Dell. He feels we have innovation inside our group that no other part of the organization has. He wondered how we got it–we attribute a lot of that to what we learned in this program.
Rob McIntosh
Dell Global Supply Chain

No death by powerpoint here!

This process focuses on challenging traditional thinking around opportunities and problems. My team and I walked away with skills that we immediately put to use, and even more importantly, a tighter working relationship having gone through this transformation together.
Kyle Michelak
Ariel Corporation

A deeply meaningful experience.

Learning how to ask for help and deal with career-related challenges was a game-changer for me…I was surprised by the serendipitous connections I made and how much we helped each other’s career progress.
Thomas Finsterbush
Google X/Gradient Ventures

Entrepreneurship Education

He is a gem…

…in blending his external expertise in entrepreneurship and startup programs with on-the-ground gained experience of the local environment.
U.S. Department of State post-engagement report

Critical to our ability to pivot

Cam’s knowledge of platforms, technology, and pedagogy simplified decision making, removed risk, and allowed us to scale in-person programming to a wildly impactful online experience. The participants left with a new understanding of the power of online community-building, as well as new skills and capabilities that will serve them better in a post-COVID world.
Courtney Robinson
Executive Director, Excellence and Advancement Foundation

Cam’s super power is his ability…

…to develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs across sectors and bridge those sectors to get results. He is the best I know in designing, growing, and scaling these programs. Working with Cam has transformed the way we do business and increased our profitability and impact.
Ife Badejo
Cofounder, Islandpreneur

Two years ago I was struggling…

…and about to give up. Cam reviewed my venture and gave me a concrete plan. I’ve not only survived but thrived–my organization has grown and secured wonderful alliances.
Adriana Aguilar
Founder, Yuxtem

High School Programs

This course helped me navigate high school, commit to a college major early on, and get accepted as a speaker for SXSW. Cam helped me get a jumpstart on my career and I was an entrepreneur before I even knew how to drive—all thanks to Cam.
Preethi Rajgopal
Kelley School of Business, Purdue University

This process provided me a taste of the real world while still in high school, which led me to a tech career.
Canzhi Ye
Software Engineer/Nextdoor, Analytics/Brooklyn Nets