How you can be in multiple places at once (yes, really!)

It’s a cruel irony that technology allows you to duplicate items on your to do list with a mouse click. So simple, so easy.

But it doesn’t allow you—the actual doer of the work—to clone yourself. (We can clone sheep though, so there’s that. Sheep underperform on all productivity metrics, though, except when it comes to eating grass).

It’s not your fault that technology is better at creating work for us than completing the work.

But there’s one place in life where cloning yourself is, in fact, already possible: It’s video!

Human cloning a step closer after UK scientists create artificial embryos —  RT UK News

On a video, you can be in multiple places at once.

While you’re sleeping, someone watching your videos on the other side of the world can learn from you, hear your ideas, and gain appreciation for your skills.

And you know what’s even better?

The “you” inside the screen, broadcasting to the world, never tires.

That “you” delivers the your ideas perfectly every time. No stage fright in front of a big crowd. No boredom because you’ve delivered the same content so many times. That perfect take—which is actually a compilation of picking and choosing your best takes—is a highlight reel of you and your ideas that never slips in quality.

As a professor, I often have to repeat the same material multiple times per day to different groups of students. I’m tired by the end of the day and I know my presentation isn’t as crisp as it was in the morning. When I record videos, that’s never a problem.

So, by creating videos, you scale your impact. You increase your reach and influence without having to slog through waste-of-time networking events, stressful conference travel, or scheduling hundreds of coffee meets.

Now, you might ask: What about writing? Don’t blog posts do the same thing?

Not quite. Video is the richer medium compared to text. It connects more deeply with viewers, sparks connections, and grabs them in a way text cannot. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million.

Now, if cloning yourself with video sounds fantastic but speaking in front of the camera isn’t really your thing, then I got you covered. Check out my free 14-day Camera Confidence Challenge.

In just 10 minutes a day, you can finally get comfortable on camera, start filming your first videos, and be in multiple places at once.