Get the job: No one likes reading resumes. But everyone loves watching videos.

Trying to get your dream job with a resume is like trying to win the F1 with a minivan.

You aren’t even competing seriously.

Here’s the problem (and the solution): The nature of recruiting and work itself has evolved, while resumes are stuck in time.

Their format is boring and limiting.

One page and monochromatic.

It’s a struggle to compress your worth (expertise, experience, and accomplishments) into a one page document. Resumes do a horrible job at capturing your potential and everything you bring to a new role.

They just can’t express your depth and aren’t presenting your best self.

The alternative: While no one reads resumes for fun, everyone watches videos.

Even people with a hiring budget, lots of connections, and industry influence.

A video of you telling your story expresses so much more than a resume ever could. It conveys your warmth and humanity. The subtleties and nuances of your personality.

And it’s far more persuasive. Next time you want to go after a job, send them a video and bypass the resume pile.

Video version of this article: